At Rich Design Co, we provide customized wedding décor and gifts to help couples create an amazing wedding experience.

With fun, personalized products, as well as a medley of traditional favorites, we can provide you with items that reflect your personal style to create a look that’s uniquely yours. We make sure to stay on top of current trends to provide stylish, on-trend items that are refreshingly distinctive.

We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you make your dream a reality.


Kailey Rich - Owner, Lead Designer
When she started planning our wedding in 2014, Kailey was overwhelmed with Pinterest boards and wedding blogs that all looked the same. She wanted something different that reflected who they were as individuals and who they are as a couple. With her marketing and design background, she was able to design a wedding that knocked their guests off their feet. Now her goal is to help others make their wedding day their own, by offering personalized products to fit their unique style.


Ciera Infante - Customer Service, Order Fulfillment
Ciera is in charge of all our customer service. She answers all of your convos, makes custom listings and communicates with the rest of our team to coordinate your orders. She also helps to create and ship orders from our base in Ruskin, FL.


Alexa Kutlik - Inventory Management, Shipping
Alexa is our in-house wood-working expert. She helps to cut, sand, and stain our bases and wooden signs. She also helps to make sure we keep items in stock for you and helps to ship out orders from our California base.